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Urns offer the ability to preserve your loved ones legacy and keep them close to you. This is why National Urns offers various styles, material, and options to make choosing the perfect urn for your loved one easier during this troubling time. Remember that now is a time to rejoice in their life and choose the perfect urn to remember them by.


When planning your memorial or funeral our delivery process insures timely arrival for your loved one. The many options and styles can also be picked to give them a final resting place they deserve. When ready to choose please follow the storefront button at the top of this page to view all of our offerings.

Why Choose An Urn?


We get asked all the time why choose cremation and a urn over the more traditional funeral, casket and grave site. We can help answer this but truly the real answer is up to you. Many people choose it do to the cost associated with a traditional burial. Urns and cremation usually are more cost effective and we find that even months year later if needed a burial can still be preformed utilizing the urn. Others choose it so they can take their loved ones with them if they were to move, or so that they can spread the ashes but still have something to place at home to remember them by. We also find some areas of the country funerals and burial plots are harder to obtain do to weather conditions effecting burial or the use of musilims.


Whatever your choose there is no wrong way to show your love for your loved one. Remember to pick an option they would have enjoyed in life as much as you will remember them by in their death.

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